A New Beginning

The 2015-2016 academic year is upon us! The Staff of the William & Mary Policy Review have begun working towards the completion of Volume 7, Issue 1 and have already made tremendous strides. Our expectations for the Review are high this year and I have the utmost confidence that the Staff will provide meaningful and insightful commentary on today’s policy issues.

Against the modern backdrop of policy and politics, both domestic and international, the Staff is looking for new ways to respond and provide a unique perspective. Not only will the Review be published with bi-annual print editions featuring scholarly work from a range of academics, but the Review’s Associate Editors will offer their own insight on this blog on a regular basis. This is an exciting time for the Review and the College of William & Mary’s Public Policy Graduate Program and we hope that our publications and commentary can reflect the talents of the program’s current students and contributors.

We welcome the contributions of our new cohort of editors and are confident that the skills and perspectives they will gain as members of the Review will serve them well, both in the academic and professional worlds. We are looking forward to furthering the scholarly debate around modern policy issues and to growing the Review even further. Welcome to the new year!


Geoff Horsfield

Editor-in-Chief, 2015-2016

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