Introducing the 2017-2018 Senior Editorial Board

Dear readers, Review staff, and W&M public policy faculty,

I am very proud to announce the new Senior Editorial Board, who will oversee the editing and publishing for Volume 9 of the Review during the 2017-2018 academic year. We had a very competitive selection process this year, and those of us on the current board were impressed with the enthusiasm, energy, and bevy new ideas from those who interviewed. That said, please join me in welcoming the new board!

Editor in Chief: Daniel Aboagye

Managing Editor: Kody Carmody

Digital Editor: Emily Ruhm

Executive Editor: Logan Crawford

Submissions Editor: Amanda Luketich

Articles Editors: Eastin Johnson, Kurt Klingenberger, Kelsey Robarts, Kevin Seney

I’m excited to see what you all will do in the coming weeks and months to shape the Review’s future, and help it grow into an even better venue for contemporary thought in domestic and international policy. Best of luck!

All the best,

Adam Windram

Editor in Chief, 2016-2017

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