Policy Review Volume 8.1 Released

Dear readers,

I am proud to announce that the William & Mary Policy Review published Volume 8, Issue 1 of the journal on April 17th, 2017. This issue covers a variety of policy topics including policy advocacy, federal healthcare policy, international security, and corporate governance. Special thanks go out to our authors, who have provided thoughtful and insightful articles that add to the policy discussion in their respective specialties.

In this issue, Alyson Culyba and William Patton discuss the gap between psychiatric research and its implementation in public policy, and how increasing training of psychiatrists in policy advocacy can address this gap. Megan McHugh examines how Federal Advisory Committees (FAC) influence implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and finds that at least half of their recommendations are adopted by agencies, showing FACs to be a key way for health care experts to influence health policy. P. Sean Morris discusses two main nuclear arms control treaties, and how, in a post-Cold War world where risks from tactical nuclear weapons still exist, the treaties can be modified to more effectively prevent the proliferation and use of tactical nuclear weapons. Lastly, Vahid Dejwakh argues for adoption of a “Directorist” model of corporate governance that includes labor as stakeholders on corporate boards, instead of the U.S.-favored shareholder model, as a way to encourage long-term planning and stability among corporations, which can benefit employee wellbeing, consumer satisfaction, and the local community.

As the academic year comes to a close, the Review’s staff continue their editing on Volume 8, Issue 2, due out this summer. It will feature a transcription of the Review’s third annual spring symposium, entitled “Quantitative Analysis Informing Social Justice.” The symposium involved a three-person panel, including Prof. Caroline Hanley of W&M’s Sociology Department, Laura Goren, the Research Director of the Richmond-based think tank The Commonwealth Institute, and Luis Aguilar, Advocacy and Elections Specialist of the community organization We Are CASA. They provided an engaging and educational discussion on the topic, and we are excited to be publishing their insights and commentary this summer!

I would like to thank the editorial staff of the Review, whose hard work and dedication have resulted in a publication we can all be proud of and an excellent symposium, and to the W&M Program in Public Policy for its continued support.

Thank you for your readership and support, and please continue to check back at our new website, http://www.wmpolicyreview.com, as we continue to add blog posts and articles over the coming weeks.


Adam Windram, Editor in Chief, 2016-2017

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